Friday, June 11, 2010

Survey Review Mommy Talks and Unique Rewards

I joined Mommy Talks by way of Unique Rewards. For joining I got $5.15 once I confirmed my email address. The first survey was a repeat of one I had done earlier. A longish one that I had been paid $1 for earlier and now was getting $2.06! I did it and was rewarded the cash. Pays out at $25.76. Not sure how they pay out. No FAQ spot on the site. They pay you to update your profile so don't forget to do that!My balance $9.00.

Unique Rewards

I signed up to Unique Rewards and received $5.00 sign up bonus. I did 2 click offers and got 1 cent each. I learned about Unique Rewards through an email about surveys. My balance is $5.02. It is $20.00 to cash out and can be paid by Paypal or cheque. Most of the surveys are to sign up to all the survey places I am already a member of. Mommy Talks was the only new one.


  1. I’ve found a lot of new surveys for me at UniqueRewards. I’ve already got my first check from them - $44

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